The Biz with NormBeezy and Lady Tiger

The Biz with NormBeezy and Lady Tiger: Raising children on the Spectrum of Autism

April 18, 2021 Positive People Association/Norm Branch Season 2 Episode 2
The Biz with NormBeezy and Lady Tiger
The Biz with NormBeezy and Lady Tiger: Raising children on the Spectrum of Autism
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This episode is very special and near and dear to our heart on The Biz:
Season 2 starts off with a great conversation about Raising children on the Autism Spectrum. We hear this from a Parents point of view. Two mothers, Shelina Johnson and DaNiesha Garrett,  sit down with us and pour out their hearts about raising a child on the spectrum of autism. Diagnosed my child on the spectrum and how did it make us feel as parents. Dealing with the unknown behaviors, Sensory processing issues, difficulty communicating and learning how to communicate without talking.  the Fears and misconceptions of our children being labeled by society. 
Educate, Advocate, and Celebrate:
How can we educate people on Autism, what is it, how common is it, How do we teach and learn from a place.

  • In 2020, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2016 data.
    • 1 in 34 boys identified with autism
    • 1 in 144 girls identified with autism
  • Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.
  • Most children were still being diagnosed after age 4, though autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 2.
  • 31% of children with ASD have an intellectual disability (intelligence quotient [IQ] <70), 25% are in the borderline range (IQ 71–85), and 44% have IQ scores in the average to above average range (i.e., IQ >85).
  • Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups.
  • Minority groups tend to be diagnosed later and less often.
  • Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support healthy development and deliver benefits across the lifespan.
  • There is no medical detection for autism.

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